Mahdia, is a Tunisian coastal city, south of Monastir, southeast of Sousse and north of Sfax. It is important for the associatedfish-processingindustry, as well as weaving. The beach of Mahdia isamong the last unspoiltbeaches in this part of Tunisia. It mayseemsmallnow but duringitsheydayMadhiawas the Fatimid capital or NorthAfrica and the successful home base thatled to the conquest of Cairowhichthenultimatelyled to the citiesdemise as Cairotook over as the capital of the Fatimid empire.
Mahdia also has little squares with coffee shops which have a lovelycanopy of trees and at time of writing (March) thiswasbeing made use of by locals and visitorsalike. A famoussuch place is the Place du Caire which has a cool ambiance and the lovelydoors of the Mustapha Hamza Mosque.

For your convenience, the organizing committee has made an agreement with Nour Palacea5* luxury hotel to accommodate the conference attendees at special rates.

The reservation at Nour Palace Hotel will be done via the organizing committee by sending the accommodation form to
Please save your accommodation form using your paper reference code such as: SSD-accommodation-form-15696xxxxx.doc

Accommodation rates:

Prices: single room 120 TND / night / person
double room 100 TND/ night / person
* Rates include Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner (full accommodationincluding ½ mineral water at each meal)

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