Social Media

How to follow us by RSS?

Copy the link to our news feed RSS News Feed to your news reader and you will be up to date about all the time. If you want to know what a news feed or its purpose is, please read this article.

To follow us by RSS, a news reader is necessary. We recommend Mozilla Thunderbird for that purpose. Please read the instructions how to add rss feeds, e.g. given by TechRepublic or Groovy Post. If you have a google account, the Google Reader is worth a look. Yet another feed reader is RSS Owl.

How to follow us on Twitter?

Just follow the link to, sign into your account and click on "Follow" under the twitter account name @ssdconf .

If you are interested about twitter in general and want to know more about it, please read this article or what says about itself.

How to subscribe to our Newsletter?

After signing in to our newsletter , you will receive an email to your email address. After confirming the subscription, you will receive our newsletters that contain a collection of recently published news items. Of course, it is possible to sign off at every time.

How to subscribe to our iCalendar service?

Copying the iCal link iCalendar to your preferred pim software is the only necessary action. It works with all calendar software such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Mozilla Thunderbird / Lightning. Just paste the link as new iCalendar network source to your software and you will have the important dates and deadlines in your calendar.