Presentation Guidelines


Please check the conference program to confirm the session time and date for your presentation.

Keynote Lecture Plenary Session Oral Presentation Poster Session
Duration 30 min 40 min 20 min 40 min

Please ensure that you keep to your allotted time frame:

For example, for 20 minutes presentations, the presentation is of approximately 15 minutes and 5 minutes are reserved for questions.

You may like to rehearse your presentation with slides in advance to make sure it takes no longer than your allotted time.


  1. Presenters should arrive at the room at least 15 minutes before the session begins to meet with the session chair and to check equipment requested.

    You will be provided with the following audio visual equipment in the session room:

    • One data projector and screen
    • One PC compatible computer
    • Remote mouse for computer
    • Lectern and microphone
  2. General guidelines

    • Do not clutter a slide with too much text. Keep it simple.
    • Text size should not be smaller than 18 point
    • Use high contrast text and backgrounds; use plain backgrounds
  3. Special effects

    Special effects should be used sparingly.

    Presenters wishing to use audio effects should advise the onsite audio visual technical staff.

    Don't select "random transitions" in the PowerPoint menu or the audience will notice the effects more than the presentation.


Even if posters and presentation papers are published similarly within the proceedings, poster presentation offers an excellent opportunity for participants to communicate together and to exchange ideas.

Please ensure that you are present at your poster to answer questions and follow-up points with your audience during the whole poster session.

A poster is a graphically based approach to presenting research. In presenting your research with a poster, you should aim to use the poster as a mean for generating active discussion of the research. The key to creating an effective poster presentation is visual simplicity achieved without loss of information content.

Posters should be ready installed at least 30 minutes before the poster session begins. Principally it is possible to install them during the whole conference and use further breaks for discussion with audience.


  1. Structure your poster into the following sections:

    • Title of poster
    • Authors with affiliation
    • Abstract
    • Materials and methods
    • Results
      Results should be presented graphically if possible.
      Use pictures, symbols and colours.
      Each graph should have a short heading. For visual effect, we recommend that graphs be no smaller than 12cm x 18cm
    • Contact information
  2. Lettering

    • Title (at least 70-point font)
    • Authors (at least 55-point font)
    • Text (at least 40-point font)
    • Headlines (at least 48-point font)


To ensure a consistent standard of poster presentation, the required dimensions are:



The poster should be easily readable at a distance of two metres. Use both upper and lower case for general content as the use of all-capital text is difficult to read. Avoid using mixtures of type/font styles.


Enjoy your presentation and thank you for sharing your work. We hope you have a fruitful and pleasurable Conference. We would value your evaluative feedback after the conference, so that we can continue to respond to delegates needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, on the Conference's Facebook page, if you have any further queries.