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Abd Essalam BADOUD (HDR, Dr, Magister, Ing) was born in Ait muhli, Algeria. He received the Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the University of Ferhat Abbas Setif 1, Algeria, in 2006, the Magister and Doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Ferhat Abbas Setif 1, Algeria in 2009 and 2014 respectively. He joined the University of Setif in 2009, where he held different positions involved in research and education. Currently, he is an Associate Professor with the Electrical Engineering Department of the Technology faculty, university of Setif 1, and the deputy head of the department in charge of education and graduation lessons. He has participated in several research projects and has led several research projects. He is the author and co-author of five books and more than 100 publications in international journals and proceedings. His current research interests include the analysis, modeling, design, and control of electrical systems, Renewable Energy Sources, intelligent systems, and robust control. Dr. Badoud has served as an Associate Editors and on the editorial board of several journals.
Abd Essalam Badoud (ALG)
Belgacem Said KHALDI (ALG)
Boutheina Maalej (TN)