Welcome to the International Conference on Sensors, Circuits and Instrumentation Systems 2021

The International Conference on Sensors, Circuits and Instrumentation Systems (SCI)is a forum for researchers and specialists in different fields covering all types of Sensors and Measurement Systems; Biomedical and Environmental Measurements & Instrumentation; Optical, Chemical and Biomedical Sensors; Mechanical and Thermal Sensors; Micro-Sensors and MEMS-Technology; Nano Sensors, Nano Systems and Nano Technology; Spectroscopy Methods; Signal Processing and Modelling; Multi Sensor Data Fusion; Data Acquisition & Distributed Measurements; Energy Harvesting and Circuits; Medical and Environmental Applications; Circuit Test, Device Characterization and Modelling; Sensor Interfaces and Measuring Systems; Custom and Semi-Custom Circuits; Analog Circuit Design; Low-Voltage, Low-Power VLSI Design; Nano and Molecular Electronics; Hardware Implementation; Circuits for Wireless Interfaces; Materials, Devices and Interconnects; Packaging and Reliability; Battery Monitoring: State of charge and State of Health; Impedance Spectroscopy for Measurement and Sensor Solutions; Energy Harvesting and Wireless power Transfer Systems; Wireless Sensor Networks in Industrial Plants.

Aims and Scopes

The International Conference on Sensors, Circuits and Instrumentation Systems (SCI) will cover topics related to sensors, circuits and systems, including (but not limited to) the following.

  • Sensors and measurement systems
  • Optical, chemical and biomedical sensors
  • Mechanical and thermal sensors
  • Micro-sensors and MEMS-technology
  • Nano sensors, nano systems and nano technology
  • Spectroscopy methods
  • Signal processing and modeling
  • Multi sensor data fusion
  • Data acquisition and distributed measurements
  • Energy harvesting and circuits
  • Medical and environmental applications
  • Circuit test, device characterization and modeling
  • Sensor interfaces and measuring systems
  • Custom and semi-custom circuits
  • Analog circuit design
  • Low-voltage, low-power VLSI design
  • Nano and molecular electronics
  • Circuits for wireless interfaces
  • Packaging and reliability
  • Materials, devices and interconnects
  • Metrology and measurement uncertainty

SSD-SCI participants will have the possibility to attend all SSD conferences taking place in parallel. Please select one of the four conferences above.

Paper Submission

Papers submitted to SSD-SCI should be written in English and limited to six pages including figures, tables and references. Paper format and styles are available for download:

Paper submission should be done electronically through the EDAS website. Instructions for using the system for the submission of papers, please have a look either on the Author Instructions or the EDAS online documentation.

Important Dates and Deadlines
October 15, 2020 Regular paper submission
January 15, 2021 Acceptance notification
February 1, 2021 Final paper submission

All papers will be peer reviewed on the basis of full manuscripts and acceptance will be based on quality, originality and relevance. Presented conference papers will be published in referred conference proceedings and in the IEEE Xplore digital library. Best presented papers at SSD conferences will be offered an opportunity to publish their works in international books and journals.

Questions? Problems with paper submission?
Contact the SSD 2021 Organizing Committee