Chokri Belhadj Ahmed (Keynote Speaker for PSE)

Performance of Photovoltaic (PV) Systems

The performance of the system, which mainly concerns the energy output, both in quantity and in timing, depends on the operating conditions and the detailed configuration of the system. In turn, the operating conditions depend on the location of the system, which governs the solar irradiation received, the ambient temperature and other climate-related aspects that influence the system performance. How the system performs determines its technical and economic feasibility. This lecture focusses on how to measure and assess the performance of the components of the PV systems and on how to define and address the performance of the PV system in the field. PV systems performance deals with the performance of the PV module, which performs the actual conversion process including measurement of the module rating, prediction of energy yield and changes to module performance in operation. Performance of the PV system includes the balance of system components, prediction and monitoring of PV system output and the environmental assessment of the systems. Finally, PV performance considers individual system types, including grid-connected and stand-alone system configurations, concentrator systems and specific performance aspects relating to building integration.