Demba DIALLO (Keynote Speaker for PSE)

Incipient Fault Detection and Diagnosis

Fault detection and diagnosis has been an emerging topic for more than 30 years in all the engineering sectors. Because of the increasing requirements for more safety, reliability and cost effective industrial processes, a lot of methods have emerged for the monitoring of more and more complex systems. However most of fault indicators are devoted to detect significant abrupt deviations related to specific features but they fail to detect and estimate slight distortions caused by gradually evolving faults. At their earliest stage, they are called incipient faults and are defined through a Fault-to-Noise Ratio (FNR). In the region where  the fault is concealed in the noise and causes small changes in the process measurements. It is therefore important to design a methodology from knowledge building to fault detection and diagnosis performances assessment that can fulfil the more and more demanding requirements.