Faisal Mnif ( Speaker for the Special Session of Education)

Higher education quality assurance involves the formal assessment and analysis of performance monitoring processes and areas of progress. Within the scope of globalization, it is not possible to ensure credit transfer and student mobility, to address the needs of manpower, or to increase economic productivity without maintaining the performance of higher education programs.  In a globalized framework of the job market, Engineering graduates should prove themselves as having a solid educational foundation and are being capable of leading the way in innovation, emerging technologies, and in anticipating the welfare and safety needs of the public.  Generally, Quality assurance and improvement in higher education are achieved through accreditation.   To name just two agencies; ABET, the EUR-ACE (European Accredited Engineer).  Both agencies of them accredit also international programs.

As a student, your degree is a significant achievement and perhaps the largest investment you will make toward your future. The quality of education you receive makes a big difference in your career success.  Accreditation:

  • Verifies that your educational background meets the global standard for technical education in your profession.
  • Enhances your employment opportunities in multinational companies.
  • Paves the way for you to work globally.

As an institution, accreditation tells your prospective students, peers and the professions you serve that your program:

  • Has received international recognition of its quality.
  • Promotes “best practices” in education.
  • Directly involves faculty and staff in self-assessment and continuous quality improvement processes.
  • Is based on “learning outcomes,” rather than “teaching inputs.”


This talk will focus on ABET accreditation process, and will clarify the ways to go through all its stages. Nevertheless, if the institution choses to seek accreditation from any other agency, the procedures should not be much different, as the whole idea focus on i) satisfying a number of criteria ii) a thoroughly assessment process, and iii) a well-documented and published information.