Hassène Gritli (Keynote Speaker for SAC)

Robust control of state/input-constrained robotic systems: An LMI approach

This Keynote Lecture presents my recent works on the robust control of some robotic systems
subject to state and/or input constraints. The LMI approach is introduced for the design of the stability
conditions of the closed-loop system subject also to parametric uncertainties and external disturbances. Some
robotic systems, on which I am actively working, are first presented. After that, I present three different robotic
systems, namely the Inertia Wheel Inverted Pendulum, the simplified helicopter model and the two-sided 1-
DoF impact mechanical oscillator,on which the design approach was applied.Some technical lemmas used for
the design of LMI conditions that are obtained from BMIs andvwhich are derived from a set of constrained
stability conditions,are also presented. Some simulation results are given to show the robust stabilization of
these considered robotic systems and also the interest in considering the state and input constraints in the
design of the LMI stability conditions and then of the control law.