Ibrahim Badran (Plenary Speaker, Speaker for the Special Session of Education)

Energy in a Changing World

  •  Accelerating pace and ever-widening horizon of change in the world
  • Role of Energy in modern society
  • The question that needs to be answered continuously : How to deal with energy for the future ?
  •   Energy dilemma has to be solved on 3 levels : Global, National,  Region
    The Arab Region in particular, additional amounts of energy are required to an average of 3.5 t.o.e per capita by 2050 to meet : (i) industrialization of the national economies, (ii) facing severe water shortage, (iii) facing desertification pressures, (iv) controlling air temperature, (v)Technology, Research and joint projects.

Engineering Education

  • Role of Engineering in modern societies .
  • Involvement of engineering in every aspect of human life from micro cells in the human body to stars in the universe .
  • The 5 aspects of engineering problem in the Arb World.
  • Engineering in figures c.f, e.c.m.i. index, engineering index, engineering idex and gdp/capita
  • Engineering education in the Arb World.
  • Engineering education in the Universities .
  • Do we have engineering graduates or real engineers ?
  • Why engineering projects in the Arb World are mainly designed and executed by foregion engineering firms.
  • Global Engineering trends for the future.
  • Arab Engineering trends for the Future.
  • Engineering Mentality and Engineering skills .
  • Engineering skills
  • Reverse engineering
  • Projects through all years of study
  • Engineering Entrepreneurship
  • Building proto-types