Octavian Adrian Postolache (Keynote Speaker for SCI)

Smart Sensing and AI for Physical Therapy in IoT Era

The convergence of healthcare, instrumentation and measurement technologies will transform healthcare as we know it, improving quality of healthcare services, reducing inefficiencies, curbing costs and improving quality of life. Smart sensors, wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, and big data offer new and exciting possibilities for more robust, reliable, flexible and low-cost healthcare systems and patient care strategies. These may provide value-added information and functionalities for patients, particularly for those with neuro-motor impairments. It has great importance in developed countries in the context of population ageing. In this invited talk the focus will be on: hardware and software infrastructure for neuro-motor rehabilitation; highlighting the developed solutions for motor rehabilitation based on virtual reality and serious games. As part of these interactive environments, 3D image sensors for natural user interaction with rehabilitation scenarios and remote sensing of user movement, as well as thermographic camera for remote evaluation of muscle activity will be presented. Additionally AI solutions applied for physical therapy data provided by the smart sensors embedded in prototypes such as smart walkers, crutches or wearable physical training monitors are considered. Example of applied AI algorithms including deep-learning and the importance on diagnosis and evaluation of physical therapy outcome for different type of physical therapy platform including serious game will be discussed.