PROF. KAAN OZBAY (Plenary Speaker)

Traffic Control for Efficient and Safe Transportation Systems in the Era of Connected and Automated Vehicles 

In the last several years,  there have been number of novel approaches to improve traffic operations and safety especially in highly congested urban areas.  Most of the innovation in these research and deployment efforts are fueled by the advances in connected & autonomous vehicles (CAV) as well as ubiquitous mobile devices, sensors and cameras deployed throughout these urban areas. In this talk, we will first provide a high-level state of the traffic control research and deployment as a result of advances in connected and automated vehicles as well as V2X communication technologies.  We will then discuss research on pro-active traffic management and control approaches with a focus on operations and safety in tandem.  A case study from the recently completed NY City connected vehicle pilot test where NY University C2SMART researchers participated as one of the University partners will be presented to describe the “soft control” approach in terms of in-vehicle warnings given to drivers. Second, the role and importance of a real-world cyber-physical test bed in these research efforts will be discussed using a learning-based headway control algorithm for transit buses tested in microscopic simulation. The talk will be concluded with a discussion of opportunities and challenges in traffic control research, development, and deployment in complex urban environments such as NYC and Washington D.C.