Special Session on: Fault Detection, Diagnosis and prognostic of Electromechanical System,

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Recently the maintenance activity appeals to various business processes and technological advances such as improvements in failure mechanisms knowledge, enhancements in failure forecasting techniques, advances in monitoring and sensors devices, optimization in communication protocols and advances in industrial informatics. Performed to increase the reliability, the availability and the safety of manufacturing processes in generally and particularly in induction motors, the industrial maintenance function is based on fault detection, diagnostic.
This special session intends therefore to focus on state-of-the-art research and development as well as futuretrends in (but not limited to) the following topics of interest in an overall perspective of all the components ofan electromechanical system (electrical machines, power electronic converter,…):

  • New techniques of diagnostic for AC drives
  • Advanced Signal Processing Techniques;
  • Time-frequency representations;
  • Pattern recognition techniques;
  • Implementation on embedded systems

Special Session on Novel chaotic/hyperchaotic systems and circuits with experimental investigations or relevant applications

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In the recent years, the number of based-engineering applications in chaos theory has been increased, especially in control, communication, encryption and data hiding studies. This expansion is mainly due to the features of chaos which mostly are complexity and sensitivity. The purpose of this special session is to draw attention of the scientific community to the huge importance of this complex phenomenon in a large number of applications not only related to the engineering and technology fields (electronics, electric drives, networks, robotics…) but also to other relevant domains such as medicine and ecology.

This special session intends therefore to focus on applications of chaos theory. Applications dealing with circuit design of novel chaotic/hyperchaotic systems mainly supported by experimental investigations are especially encouraged. Among others, applications in image, text and voice encryption, multimedia and networks are expected. Applications in medical, biosciences and ecology disciplines, market and game theories are also welcome.

Potential topics and applications include but are not limited to the following:

  • Experimental validations of chaos phenomena in electrical circuits and systems,
  • Circuit design of novel chaotic/hyperchaotic systems using Analog components and FPGA technologies,
  • Image, text and voice encryption applications,
  • Medical, biomedical and ecology applications.

Keywords: Chaotic systems and circuits; Hyperchaos; Bifurcation; Circuit design; Image encryption; Text encryption; Voice encryption; Chaos in medicine; Chaos in prey-predator systems; Experimental chaos.