Special Session: Energy Harvesting devices, technology and components for autonomous measurement systems


Dr.-Ing. Slim Naifar, Chemnitz University of Technology

Dr.-Ing Sonia Bradai, Chemnitz University of Technology

Energy harvesting is one of the main focuses of the current research and development in a wide area of applications. Although several researches have been developed, significant challenges still exist throughout the field related to the effective design of the system considering robustness, efficiency and ability to harvest valuable energy from ambient sources. The special session aims to provide a network for exchange between experts in the field of energy harvesting covering several aspects including and not limited to:

  • Energy harvesting transducers (e.g. electromagnetic, piezoelectric, magnetoelectric, thermoelectric, solar, triboelectric)
  • Energy management and energy storage solutions
  • Self-powered systems and autonomous sensors
  • Energy harvesting for predictive maintenance
  • Energy harvesting for Internet of Things
  • Robust and reliable energy harvesting system

The special session is covering transducer design and development, modeling, experimental investigations, case studies and field tests.

Special Session: Advanced signal processing techniques and Artificial Intelligence approaches for Electrical Systems Prognostics and Health Management


Prof. Ahmed BRAHAM, National Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, University of Carthage, Tunisia

The demand of Condition Monitoring of Electrical Systems is progressively increasing to maintain the performance of several important sectors in industry. This issue is of great importance since it prevents equipment from failing and breaking down. Recently the maintenance activity appeals to various business processes and technological advances such as improvements in failure mechanisms knowledge, enhancements in failure forecasting techniques, advances in monitoring and sensors devices, optimization in communication protocols and advances in industrial informatics.

This special session intends therefore to focus on state-of-the-art research and development as well as future trends in (but not limited to) the following topics of interest in an overall perspective of all the components of an electromechanical system (electrical machines, drives condition monitoring, Energy Storage System, etc.):

  • Advanced Signal Processing Techniques
  • New techniques of diagnosis for AC drives
  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning for CBM
  • Pattern recognition algorithms
  • Classification methods
  • Prognosis and Remaining Useful Life estimation
  • Implementation on embedded systems
  • Predictive maintenance for industry 4.0