SSD in Scopus

The SSD international multi-conference is indexed in Scopus with an H-index of 27 (27 papers cited more than 27 times) and in several other databases. The SSD conference has a history of 20 years in which more than 2300 papers have been published in the IEEExplore. The published papers have been cited more than 6150 times (10/10/2020). The SSD conference is classified in the GGS Conference Rating (GII-Grin-SCI).

Best Cited Papers Per Year





201238Ali, J.K.A new miniaturized fractal bandpass filter based on dual-mode microstrip square ring resonatorCSPIrak
200934Di Leo G., Fabbrocini G., Paolillo A., Rescigno O., Sommella P.Towards an automatic diagnosis system for skin lesions: Estimation of blue-whitish veil and regression structuresSACItaly
201041Shi Q., Troeltzsch U., Kanoun O.Detection and localization of cable faults by time and frequency domain measurementsCSPGermany
201125Mohamed A.B., Zaibi G., Kachouri A.Implementation of RC5 and RC6 block ciphers on digital imagesSCITunisia
2012131Schmitt D., Wang Y., Weyh Th., Marquardt R.DC-side fault current management in extended multiterminal-HVDC-gridsPSEGermany
2012107Schmitt, D., Wang, Y., Weyh, Th., Marquardt, R.DC-side fault current management in extended multiterminal-HVDC-gridsPSEGermany
201346Urtasun, A., Sanchis, P., Marroyo, L.Limiting the power generated by a photovoltaic systemPSESpain
201437Shurman, M., Awad, N., Al-Mistarihi, M.F., Darabkh, K.A.LEACH enhancements for wireless sensor networks based on energy modelCSPSpain
20158Saidi B., Amairi M., Najar S., Aoun M.Multi-objective optimization based design of fractional PID controllerSACTunisia
201631Strauss B., Lindemann A.Measuring the junction temperature of an IGBT using its threshold voltage as a temperature sensitive electrical parameter (TSEP)CSPGermany
201757Al-Bander, B., Al-Nuaimy, W., Al-Taee, M.A., Zheng, Y.Automated glaucoma diagnosis using deep learning approachCSPUnited Kingdom
201835Kanoun O., Keutel T., Viehweger C., Zhao X., Bradai S., Naifar S., Trigona C., Kallel B., Chaour I., Bouattour G., Khriji S., Houssaini D.E., Götz M.Next generation wireless energy aware sensors for internet of things: A reviewCSPGermany
201923Adouani A., Ben Henia W.M., Lachiri Z.Comparison of Haar-like, HOG and LBP approaches for face detection in video sequencesCSPTunisia
20207Maaruf M., Ferik S.E., Mahmoud M.S.Integral Sliding Mode Control with Power Exponential Reaching Law for DFIGPSESaudi Arabia
20216Djemal A., Bouchaala D., Fakhfakh A., Kanoun O.Tonic-Myoclonic Epileptic Seizure Classification based on Surface ElectromyographyCSPTunisia
20216Ayachi R., Afif M., Said Y., Ben Abdelali A.Drivers Fatigue Detection Using EfficientDet in Advanced Driver Assistance SystemsCSPTunisia

Top 5 Best Cited Papers in the SSD History

2012131Schmitt, D., Wang, Y., Weyh, Th., Marquardt, R.DC-side fault current management in extended multiterminal-HVDC-gridsPSEGermany
201280Ahmed, N., Norrga, S., Nee, H.-P., Haider, A., Van Hertem, D., Zhang, L., Harnefors, LHVDC SuperGrids with modular multilevel converters – The power transmission backbone of the futurePSESweden
201757Al-Bander B., Al-Nuaimy W., Al-Taee M.A., Zheng Y.Automated glaucoma diagnosis using deep learning approachSACMorocco
201255Saska M., Krajník T., Přeučil L.Cooperative μuAV-UGV autonomous indoor surveillanceSACCzech Republic
201247Krajník T., Nitsche M., Pedre S., Přeučil L., Mejail M.E.A simple visual navigation system for an UAVSACCzech Republic