Workshop : Learn Python ( Mohamed Ksantini)

Best languages ​​in 2019 according to the IEEE : Python leader for the third consecutive year. It’s considered as an Object-Oriented language. It is recognized for its richness and portability.

Richness: while remaining simple, it dynamically manages memory and allows exception handling.

Portable: It works on most computer platforms, from super computers to mainframes.

Python is designed to maximize developer productivity. It includes high-level tools and a simple syntax.

It is, in fact, generally used as an interface of programs written in different languages, like Java and .Net.

In the current era of Data Science, Python is one of the most popular languages.

Its rigor and ability to integrate into robust technical infrastructures make it a preferred choice for Data Science.

The Python Workshop helps you to familiarize yourself with the Python development environments, with the main programming language concepts (containers, mutable and non-mutable objects …):

  • Fundamental concepts: interpreting and the interpreter, compilation and the compiler, language elements, lexis, syntax and semantics, Python keywords, instructions, indenting
  • Data Collections : Lists, Tuples, strings and Dictionaries
  • Control and iterative statements: conditional statements: if, if-else, if-elif, if-elif-else; multiple conditional statements ; the pass instruction ; building loops: while, for, range(), in ; iterating through sequences ; expanding loops: while-else, for-else ; nesting loops and conditional statements ; controlling loop execution: break, continue
  • Standard and special functions,
  • Standard libraries,
  • Files manipulation,
  • Numerical simulation (numpy, scipy, matplotlib).